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3153 Route 35 Hazlet, NJ, 07730
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The League of Municipalities is producing a news letter called "Affiliate News Wire"
Anyone who would like to contribute articles on issues that you feel are important to municipalities.
Please limit your articles to 150 words and submit to our President or Secretary.

Any Legal Questions? Contact Calvin King at 973-942-0446

Uniform Construction Code Adopted Subcodes Proposed Amendments:

Officers - Year 2015 - 2017

Click Below to Send Email To:
President - 32 Mayberry Ave.
Monroe Township, NJ 08831
Home Phone: 723-723-1039
Cell Phone: 908-208-8135

Frank Speranza

1st Vice President –

Ronald Barbarulo

2nd Vice President –

Mark Bocchino

Secretary – 447 South Washington Ave.
Piscataway, NJ  08854
Phone: 732-690-8442

Nick Azmo

Treasurer & Financial Secretary – Phone: 973-229-4735

Dave Bishop

Sergeant at Arms –

Frank Nocito

Director of Education -

Thomas F. Walsh

Directors -
Mike Baker: Chairman
William Olinger
Tom McGonigle
Calvin King
Thomas Walsh
Russell Hall
Joe Penevelope
All Past Presidents
Trustees -
Sam De Padova: Chairman
Errol Lamberson
Pete Simchera
DCA Code Assistance Unit
For Plumbing & Mechanical
Phone: 609-984-7609
Fax: 609-633-6729

Tom Pitcherello

What is the New Jersey State Plumbing Inspector's Association?

An organization to unite the plumbing inspector's of the State of New Jersey
for their mutual benefit into one group of which all active, licensed or formerly
active plumbing inspector's are invited to become members.

To uphold and enforce the public health laws of the state.

To combat the causes and conditions that create or perpetuate disease or discomfort
that may arise from any improper or faulty plumbing or drainage system,
water supply, distribution system, sewerage disposal or their appurtenances.

To serve our fellow men in the field of public health through the medium of education.

To work for greater uniformity in enforcement of the Uniform Construction Code
in the municipalities of the state, and to strive for more rigid requirements
for applicants of State Plumbing Inspector licenses.

To promote friendship, goodwill and sociability among the membership.

To pass on to those who follow us, a highly proficient plan of public health protection.

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